The Managing Director, Olurotimi Kuboye is a graduate of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic formerly known as Ogun State Polytechnic where he studied Business Administration. He took his Industrial Training (IT) at Marlum Nigeira Limited, a construction company, as the Purchasing Officer in 1997. On completion of his tertiary education in 1999, he resumed work at the same construction company where he served as the Transport and Logistics Manager. He became the Site Supervisor in 2004 and served wholeheartedly and diligently with a yearning mind to learn till 2011. All the hardwork, devotion and long hours expended in those years in Marlum Nigeria Limited finally paid off as it gave birth to his own company, O.N.E Construction Company Limited, on the 29th of September, 2011.


Prince Ademola Eletu Odibo

HRH, Afobaje of Lagos

Shokry Mahmoud

Plant Manager, Marlum Nig. Ltd.

Marco Beccarelli

MD, Marlum Nig. Ltd.

Yves Chagoury

CEO, Marlum Nig. Ltd.

Chief Elie Rossek

The Baba Alaje of Maryland

"First and foremost, I dedicate O.N.E Construction company Limited to the God of possibility and of success. I also dedicate this to Mr. Yves Chagoury (C.E.O, Marlum Nigeria Ltd) and Mr. Marco Beccarelli (MD, Marlum Nigeria Ltd) for believing in me and for all the mentoring. I dedicate this to Marlum Nigeria Ltd., for giving me an environment to discover myself. To Mr. Shokry Mahmoud, a great man and a force to be reckoned with in the construction industry, I say thank you for the advice and push to start this company. I dedicate O.N.E Construction Company Ltd. to because without you, it may never have come to fruition. I dedicate this to His Royal Highness Afobaje of Lagos, Prince Ademola Eletu Odibo for being a constant support and mostly for paving the way for O.N.E Construction Company Ltd. in the construction industry. Finally, with a heart of gratitude, I dedicate this also to Chief Elie Rossek, the Baba Alaje of Maryland, for granting me an opportunity to undergo my internship. An opportunity that led to a period of inspiration whereby I was introduced into the world of construction. Thank you and God bless you sir."